The Mall

“The Mall” is less that a 15-minute drive from the base. Similar to the Aeon Mall on a much smaller scale, this mall is great if you want to make make a quick shopping trip from the North or West sides of base.  There is a large food court on the first floor, with several dine-in specialty restaurants, including one with an extensive dessert menu.  There is also a rather large grocery store in the “Livin” part of the mall. The Mall is home to specialty stores, including ones with baby clothes, strollers, and massage chairs. There are various clothing stores, and a store that is kind of like Pier One Imports. There is a fairly large selection in the “liquor store” and in the fresh coffee beans store on the first floor, inside the grocery store.  Also on the first floor near Starbucks is a small, brightly lit nail salon.
DIRECTIONS: Turn right out the Terminal Gate, and follow signs for Route 16. The Mall will be on the left at approximately 6.5 km. There is a large green sign on top of the building that says “The Mall.” Parking is free and is either on the street level, or up above the mall via ramps on either side of the mall. Michelle Arostegui, 2002, updated Deborah Silverman, 2012.

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