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The rainy season is almost upon us, and right after that we will be faced with the depths of a humid summer. This to me signals one major thing – ideas for ways to keep children occupied indoors!3568e394-1d60-43e3-a07c-b367b3d816e7
A new play center has opened on the third floor of The Mall on 16. It is part of a chain of indoor play centers – similar to Bornelund at Aeon Mall. The name of the chain is Aneby Trimpark.2f9b12d4-60a0-4397-95b0-94e9f19a0656
The play center has a lot of wide open space for your little ones to run around, as well as engaging activities like a trampoline, indoor slide and playground, climbing wall, musical activities, a water lab, building lab, kitchen area – it’s really quite comprehensive! It was a nice change of scenery for us – and sometimes that’s what the kids need! Kim Bosack- May 20169833a1a0-877f-4078-bac7-f6a604bb5d88

PRICE: It’s 800 yen for an hour of play for kids, with a 600 yen charge for adults – and a 200 yen extension for each 15 minutes after that, or you can get an all day pass for 1600 yen for a child with the 600 yen adult charge.
HOURS: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
DIRECTIONS: To get there, take a right out the terminal gate and simply follow the signs for Route 16. About 6.5km down the road you’ll see “The Mall” on your left. Parking is free, and then just head up to the third floor!
WEBSITE: (It is in Japanese though, but gives you a bit of an idea of the setup of the facility.)

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  1. Took my family of nine there today. Things to know: No English menu, but pointing works. We went on a Monday at about 3:30 and almost had the place to ourselves. Strollers are not allowed inside the play area, but they do have a place to park them. We just detached our car sear and carried that inside. This place is located on the 3rd floor, you must take the elevators by the grocery end (elevators on the opposite end of the mall will take you to a parking lot). Some play areas allow shoes, but mostly shoes off. There’s a research lab where kids can use the computer and there are water and paint activities. Also, there’s a mini indoor go cart section, but its only during certain times (11:30, 12:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30). The day we went the cashier told us these times change daily. We also had teens with us and they found areas to keep them busy. There is a small reading section, but books were in Japanese. There is a section that is dedicated to infants to include a nursing moms room and diaper changing stations. Also, we were told no food or drinks when we entered, but did find drink vending machines inside at the back of the place. Sign up to be a member, its free and you get discount.

  2. As an update: They do no have all information, including member sign up forms available in English. regarding pricing, adults are 400yen, not 600 anymore, as originally listed.

    My 6 yr old loved it! We also went at 3pm and had the place to ourselves (even during summer break!) The staff were very helpful and spoke enough English to get by. We will go back.

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