Grocery Stores and Farmers Markets – A List

Here is a list of grocery stores and farmers markets with GPS coordinates from Jane Keller, Sept 2013.  Thank you Jane!  All of the markets from this list that are covered on are linked.  If you go to one we haven’t written up, consider doing a trip report.  Tell us about the market including the open days/hours and for extra credit attach a photo.  Submit to

Fussa Farm Stand, 35.738623N, 139.327674E

Inageya Grocery Store, south of Fussa Station, 35.740395N, 139.328929E

Marufuji Market, near Higashifussa Station, 35.746271N, 139.334986E

Hamura Farm Stand, 35.767508N, 139.307664E

Mizuho Fresh House Market, 35.777183N, 139.342758E

Akigawa Farmers Center, Akiruno, 35.728564N, 139.307712E

Itsukaichi Farmers Center, Akiruno, 35.728566N, 139.240084E

City Farmers Market, Musashimurayama, 35.755328N, 139.387104E

Tsurukame Land/ Turtle Grocery,  Musashimurayama 35.749682N,139.383198E

Shimoda’s Market, Musashimurayama, 35.759638N, 139.373239E

Gyomu Supermarket, Musashimurayama, 35.747161N, 139.389166E

Inageya Grocery Store, Musashimurayama, 35.746216N, 139.373823E


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