Ginger Festival in Akiruno on Friday, Sept. 9.

Akiruno’s Ginger Festival is Friday the 9th.  I’m thinking about going in the afternoon, but sounds like it’ll be in full swing after work. Description:
About 100 years ago, the people of the area began celebrating an annual festival at the Ninomiya Shrine, believing the eating of ginger would bring good health and well-being for the coming year. Ginger plants and craft items are sold at this festival, along with popcorn, cotton candy, honey-roasted chestnuts and squid cooked on skewers. The puppet show is a favorite. The puppets are about two-thirds the size of a human and magnificently crafted. Drums and other traditional instruments accompany the performance. Events at the festival continue all day. Between 4-8pm a smaller portable shrine is carried through the streets and up the 46 steps to the permanent shrine.
DIRECTIONS: From Fussa go to Haijima Station, then change to the Itsukaichi Line.  Get off at Higashiakiru Station. The Ninomiya Shrine is only a four-minute walk from the station. Liz Ruskin

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