Second Hand Stores – A List

This fabulous list is from Jane Keller, submitted in September 2013.  Wow!  Some of these are covered by Yokota Travel already.  They are linked.  Many are not.  If you go to one and want to do a write up for Yokota Travel, please do so.  Include a general description of what they sell, hours, and bonus points for a photo.  Submit to editor @  Together we know a lot!

Recycle Shop, 35.73635N, 139.356946E

Kasi Kosh Thrift Store, Ome, 35.78741N ,139.303463E,

Hard Off, SE of base on Highway 7, 35.729801N, 139.360799E

Shineishoji Thrift/Junk Shop, where Highways 5 and 16 meet, 35.775277N, 139.340692E

Treasure Factory Thrift Store, Musashimurayama, 35.746597N, 139.391261E

2nd Street Thrift Store, Akishima, 35.697896N, 139.373244E,

Hamura Recycle Shop, 35.75528N, 139.3208E

Daiei, Mushashimurayama, 35.735723N, 139.378807E (grocery & 100 yen store)

Daiso/Turtle Grocery, Musashimurayama,  35.749268N, 139.383182E (grocery & 100 yen store)

Jumble Store, Tachikawa, 35.712672N, 139.428922E,

Oikura Discount Shop, Hanno, 35.854048N, 139.328052E

Hard Off, Hachioji, 35.664244N, 139.352387E,







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