“Game” Recycle Center: Thrift Store

recycle-center entranceAt the southernmost tip of Yokota Air Base  recycle-center inside 1is a hidden gem of a thrift shop (aka “recycle center”). It shares a building with an arcade, and it’s easy to miss. However, I can tell it’s going to be one of my favorite places to shop. A ¥100 clothing section is just to the left of the door, and that’s just the beginning. The large clothing section is very reasonably priced, with most items going for around ¥500 or ¥600. The back wall is lined with furniture, and the right hand side of the store is completely filled with toys, knick-knacks, ceramics, and electronics. If you pickup anything from the knick-knack section, be sure to pay at the counter nearby; clothing and knick-knacks are separate stores.

recycle-center signWhen approaching the Recycle Center, you will probably see the sign for the arcade, “Game”, before you notice the recycle symbol on a nearby sign. Turn into the Game parking lot and drive under the archway to reach the Recycle Center parking lot. On your way to the parking lot, you’ll see a double glass door on your right; this is the entrance to the recycle center. GPS Coordinates: 35.724409,139.346576. Roxanne Ready, August 2013.

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