Rose Hogs in Tachikawa

DSC_0067_1Rose Hogs is a great place to get an international beer very close to Tachikawa train station.  Directed here by a friend, my husband and I found ourselves at Rose Hogs during happy hour which lasts from 5:30pm-7:30pm.  They carry many international beers on tap from Belgium, Scotland, the USA…  Rather than a brewery, this is a pub serving traditional American pub fare: steak, hamburgers, fish and chips, and they have some great salad choices.  The Cobb salad was delicious!  The menu was in English and had pictures making it easy to navigate.  The best part for me was the beer from my home in Northern California!   They carry bottles from two Humboldt Country Breweries: North Coast Brewery and Mad River Brewery.  They also had a seasonal North Coast Watermelon Wheat on tap.  It was crazy good and reminded me of home.  During Obon, happy hour lasts from 5:30pm – 11pm.
rose hogs by sarah strausDIRECTIONS: From the Tachikawa train station, take the South Exit towards the three story McDonalds.  Go down the stairs near the McDonalds and head straight down that street passing McDonalds on your left.  About a half block down you’ll find a tall, narrow building that houses Rose Hogs on the 3rd floor.  This photo was taken from the elevated sidewalk right next to McDonalds and shows the sign for Rose Hogs, though it is hard to read in the photo.  Take the elevator up and enjoy! – Sarah Straus, August 2013


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