Kasi Kosh

Kasi Kosh aka “Pink Box” is a three story second hand store worth checking out.  They carry such a wide range of items that shopping there is quite an experience. On the first floor find dishes, packaged tea sets, cooking supplies, fondue sets, kimono, clothes, purses and jewelry.  On the second floor find appliances, vases, bikes, guitars, outdoor supplies, tools and other odds and ends.  On the third floor find furniture, including sofa’s, tables and chairs, dressers, and hutches.  Kasi Kosh is open daily 11am-8pm.  They accept cash and credit.  Phone 0428-32-6591.  There is free parking behind the store.  GPS  35.78736, 139.3034.  http://www.kasikosh.com/
DIRECTIONS: Turn right out of the Fussa gate heading North on Route 16.  Turn left onto Route 5.  Kasi Kosh is 3.3 kilometers down on the right.  For parking, turn right just after Kasi Kosh and right again into the parking lot.  – Sarah Straus, October 2012

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