Rose Town Tea Garden

FB-6319Rose Town Tea Garden is a beautiful English tea house that serves a large selection of teas and lunch.  Located in Ome, just over the bridge from Yoshino Baigo, it is surprising to drive up to this white, Victorian looking building.  Prior to being a tea house, it was a wedding chapel.  Perched on the edge of the valley, you can enjoy the view of the Tama River, bridge crossing into Yoshino Baigo, and beautiful trees from the veranda.  During the summer months the veranda is open to the warm air and in winter closed in with windows allowing for the view and the sun, but not the cold.

FB-6315When you enter, the first thing you do is pick your tea.  There are roughly 30 teas to choose from.  Samples of each tea are kept in little jars at the entrance and you get to smell each one before you decide.  There are several set menus.  If you choose the full set it comes with soup, salad, sandwiches, scones, and dessert.  Everything is hand made and even the jam for scones is made from the local garden.  The full set costs ¥2800.

The first time I came to Rose Town Tea Garden my friend had called for reservations and we took our 4 year old daughters wearing their fancy dresses and pearls.  The girls had strawberry tea that turned pink and we all enjoyed our very special date.  The second time I came with a girlfriend and found it a wonderfully relaxing place for conversation.  With the amazing food, sun warming us on the veranda, classical music playing and watching the birds sail through the valley, having tea here is a wonderful experience.

Open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am – 5pm.  Phone: 080 4187 1727.  Webpage:  They are also on Facebook at:  Located along Route 411 at GPS coordinates: 35.791089, 139.228129. – Sarah Straus, Michelle Nexon & Megan Miller, March 2014; photos Sarah Straus.

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