Wakagusa Park in Ome

At Wakagusa park in Ome there is a nice assortment of outdoor play sets and a pool with a lazy river for summer months. My three-year-old daughter and I love this park. It is especially gorgeous in the warmer months.  Parking and entrance are free.  Combining a trip here with the nearby Kasumi Farmers Market makes for a fun outing.  In the summertime, the pool entry costs ¥200 I think.  Right now I’m not sure of the pool hours.  Please post in comments if you go there when it opens.
DIRECTIONS: Exit Fussa Gate and turn right onto Route 16.  Turn left onto Route 5.   Travel 3.7 kilometers down Route 5 and then turn left at the light with the Yakult convenience store.  The park is located 500 meters down on the right.  GPS: 35.783513, 139.297743. -Meg Martin, February 2013

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