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A tour of Ome Railroad Museum (Nagayama), nestled in the hills above Ome, is a treat for kids and the young at heart. Old engines and passenger cars invite fans to climb aboard. A 1969 Shinkansen (bullet train) begs a […]

Jenn B Ome RailroadA tour of Ome Railroad Museum (Nagayama), nestled in the hills above Ome, is a treat for kids and the young at heart. Old engines and passenger cars invite fans to climb aboard. A 1969 Shinkansen (bullet train) begs a would-be engineer to take the throttle. The highlight is to see the indoor model trains. They run every hour, on the hour.  Listen for the announcement 5 minutes before the model trains start.  It is ok for kids to stand on the bench to watch the trains as long as they take off their shoes.  The museum houses many exhibits – just head up the stairs. Outdoor toy train and car rides cost ¥100 each. The museum is open 10am-5pm, closed Mondays and December 29th to January 3rd.  Entry for adults ¥200, kids free.
Jenn B Ome RailroadNagayama is close to Yokota and is a pleasant drive.  It takes about 35 minutes from the Terminal Gate and is easy. The area has a lot of pretty plum trees and is quite beautiful in March. And in the fall, the leaves of the trees change color to make a beautiful sight!  The park near the museum is great for a leisurely stroll or a place to eat lunch. It has several playgrounds where children can romp. With only a small snack bar available, I would recommend bringing a picnic lunch. There are several places to sit and take in the scenery of Ome.  GPS coordinates for parking next to museum: N35.79264, E139.26292.
TRAIN DIRECTIONS: Catch the Ome line from Fussa bound for Ome or Okutama. Get off in Ome. From the station, turn left up the first street. Follow that street until you come to the first street that crosses the tracks on the left. Turn left and go across the railroad tracks. Follow the winding street up the hill. It is kind of steep and the walk up takes about 15 minutes. The railroad museum is at the top of the hill. There are several signs along the way. They are in Japanese but they do have pictures of trains on them. The railroad museum is on the right; the park is on the left at the top of the hill. It is a bit hard for smaller children, so you may want a stroller. The walkways in the park near the museum are fairly smooth and some are paved. You can get back to Ome through the park. Walk along a path that parallels the tracks, back to the road that crosses the tracks.
Jenn B Ome Railroad DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Exit Terminal Gate and turn right onto Route 16. Go under first overpass. Stay in Left lane to turn Left onto Route 5.  Go 5.6 kilometers on Route 5 and make a 45-degree right turn (not the hard right) to continue onto Ome kaido. Follow the blue signs to central Ome. As you turn there will be a tire store on your left. The road becomes Kyu Ome Kaido. Turn right onto Nariki Kaido Iriguichi. This turn will have a store called Yaoki Gift Fruits on the corner. Go to the first light (by the school) and turn left onto a very small street. Follow that street and bear left at one fork going up the hill. The Railroad Museum (Nagayama) will be on yoru left at the top of the hill. There is a parking lot on the right as well as a few spots directly across from the entrance..  – Sondra Halweg, Christine Thomas; updates and photos by Jennifer Bobrowski, May 2013  – Enjoy railroad museums?  Check out the Railway Museum in Saitama.

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  1. We went to the Ome Railway Park 6/22/19 and my kids (3,7,8,9,10) had a great time. They loved watching the model trains (we watched twice- once from each side) and getting on the trains outside. It was raining so some of the pay to ride items were covered up(I was not bothered in the least ). Although the English website still says kids under 12 are free, I ended up paying for my three oldest. This could have been a miscommunication because the employees spoke no English, but I only paid 400 yen for all of us, so it was well with it!

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