Fresh House

Fresh House is a farmer’s market in the town of Mizuho, off the north end of the runway. This market sells seasonal vegetables and fruits. There are also cut flowers, some plants and bonsai trees for sale. Go very early for the best selection.
DIRECTIONS: Zero your odometer and turn right out the Terminal Gate onto Route 16, moving into the left lane toward central Mizuho by 0.9km. (Do not take the underpass.) This puts you on 166. Stay on 166 and go straight across Shin Ome Kaido at the intersection nearest the northern tip of the base. You’ll pass a train station, Hakonegasaki, on your left. Turn left onto Ome Kaido at 2.6km. The intersection has a blue “Ome Kaido” sign on the far left corner. Cross the train tracks and take the next right angled away, Iwakura Kaido. Look for Fresh House on the right. It is housed in three brown onion-shaped “mini barns.” Vertical banners on the road (3.2km) mark the parking area, just before the green house. Hours: 9-5 daily. (January through March open until 4pm). Telephone: 0425-57-4564 (in Japanese only). GPS: 35.7768, 139.3429.
Chieko Brumley, Julie Irwin, Teresa Negley, Keiko Hansen. Directions updated 2012. Note: Market was closed for several days around New Year’s.

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