Kasumi Market in Ome

Located near Central Ome, this cooperative center sells a wide variety of seasonal produce. Certain sections are reserved for certified Organic produce, so watch for a table or two of selective produce off to the side with the organic Kanji above it. Two separate parking lots accommodate the many patrons of this bustling market. In front of the building, to one side, is a large greenhouse with vegetation for sale.  Open daily 9:00am-5:00pm.  Phone number: 428-31-1115.  Website for this market: http://www.ja-nishitokyo.or.jp/update/kasumi/_.html
DIRECTIONS: Exit Fussa gate and turn right onto Route 16 .  Turn left onto Route 5.  Drive straight for 3.7 kilometers and then turn right at the intersection with a Yakut store on the right hand side.  The farmer’s market is on the right hand side after the first stop light. There is an additional parking lot across the road from the market.  GPS Coordinates: 35.791039, 139.298764. – Meg Martin, February 2013.

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