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Hamura Community Water Park

The Hamura Community Water Park is a good summer outing for families. This sujo koen (that’s Japanese for “waterpark”) has a lazy river, a big slide and shallow pools for kids.  The price is ¥600 for the day or ¥300 […]

The Hamura Community Water Park is a good summer outing for families. This sujo koen (that’s Japanese for “waterpark”) has a lazy river, a big slide and shallow pools for kids.  The price is ¥600 for the day or ¥300 for 2 hours for adults age 15 years or older.  It costs ¥300 for the day or ¥100 for 2 hours for kids.   You cannot apply sunscreen there, so do it ahead of time.  No jewelry, sunglasses or hats in the water. You’ll need to store away your ereaders and wallets in the lockers – the ¥100 locker fee will be returned to you when you put the key in the lock.  They will provide a bag for your shoes before entering the locker rooms.  There are vending machines and an eating area outside the swimming pool.   I would recommend swim shirts for your kids on hot, clear days – there isn’t a lot of shade and it is easy to burn.  It is very clean and we had a great day there. Hours 10am – 6pm, open during summer.  Summer 2013: Open July 13-Sept 1, 10am-6pm. — Jodi Wall, 2012; updated Sarah Straus, July 2013.
DIRECTIONS: Drive straight out of Fussa gate, keep right at Y intersection toward Fussa train station.  Head around Fussa train station and continue toward the river.  At the Shell gas station turn Right onto Route 29.  Take Route 29 along the river into Hamura.  I’m not sure how to describe the left hand turn you’ll need to take to get down to the river where the water park is, but it is past a damn in the river.  At a narrow left hand turn, you end up winding down to the river near rice fields.  I recommend taking a GPS for this one or studying the map.  Parking attendant: 35.757971, 139.303356.  Parking is a little walk from the water park – just follow the others in bathing suits.   – Sarah Straus, July 2013

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  1. My family just went to this pool and had a great time. A few things to take note of. The lockers are tiny they were about 12inch by 12inches but pretty deep. I had to unload everything out of our swim bag and use 3 lockers! There really isn’t anywhere for you to set your bag down out by the pool. Plan on putting your stuff in a locker. There is a small picnic area within the pool facility but outside the pool area, however I did not see anyone leave their things. It looked like everyone was actively picnicking. To get into the pool area you walk thru a tunnel of showers that soak everything so you wouldn’t want to bring anything to set down by the pool. It really soaks you, unlike at the Fussa City pool where you just get a little wet. They do allow you to bring floaties, however they only allow rings. We took several we were not permitted to use. You need to be 130 cm tall to go down the waterslide; however this was not always enforced. There is a smaller waterslide for toddlers that goes into a pool .3 meters deep (up to my 3 yr olds knees. Additionally we learned you cannot float on your pool ring (sit in the middle with your arms and legs hanging over the side.) You must stay semi vertical and basically lean on your pool ring when you use it. My 3yr old and 6yr old loved this pool. They really enjoyed that the large pool had a “beach” (gradual incline like most wave pools have). The pool does the water break where everyone gets out of the water at 10mins to the hour every hour. We tried to coincide this with our departure. We went on a Sunday and it wasn’t very crowded. It was a cloudy day with off and on rain, so this might have contributed and it did seem more busy in the morning as compared to the afternoon.

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