Hoops: Bagels & More

I LOVE this place! It has fresh food and great variety: Pizza, bagel sandwiches, numerous types of bagels, even tofu cream cheese. They also have a little shop selling all different types of foods, including local produce. (Hoops was carved out of space that used to be Cupid’s garden shop. The plant section is now much smaller but still there.) The prices are decent and they take dollars. They have tables and a kids’ play place.
DIRECTIONS: Turn left out of the Fussa Gate. Hoops is about halfway to the Supply Gate, on the right side of Route 16, next to Blue Seal ice cream. Both have enormous signs, so you can’t miss them. It’s an easy walk or bike ride. They also have a few parking spots. Sierra Kennedy, 2012.

Comment and photos by Kelly O’Donnell, 2013 – I had no idea that there was this great play area upstairs inside the Hoop bagel place. I had gone there 4 or 5 times and had never gone upstairs. There is lots of seating for the parents up there and the waitress will bring your lunch up while the kids play.

Comment by Suzie Qu from Facebook, April 2013: During lunch hours you can NOT use the upstairs without reservations anymore.  They will try to accommodate you if they can, but i know as of about last week, they even put up a sign stating that between certain hours, no seating upstairs unless call ahead.

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  1. Kelly O'Donnell

    I love their pumpkin bagels! They have a large variety of fresh bagels – everything from the classic sesame seed to fun Japanese flavors such as “Green Tea” bagel. This place is very large, two floors with ample seating. It’s really clean and modern. Great place to meet up for lunch. They make lots of sandwiches. I also love their speciality cheeses in the little market area. It’s like a mini Dean & Deluca.

  2. The hours posted (as of today) are 9:00 am – 8:00 pm. Last order at 7:30 pm. Shopping area open until close.

  3. Note that the top floor is not stroller friendly. Stairs only.

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