Zuccoto & Heaven

Just outside the Fussa Gate is a little restaurant named Heaven with an attached cafe called Zuccoto (featuring different menus.) Heaven serves  American-style food including pizza in a friendly atmosphere at very reasonable prices. Heaven comes the closest to authentic American food of any American-style restaurant we’ve been to off-base.
DIRECTIONS: Balk straight out Fussa Gate, stay on the right-hand side of the road and you’ll see the restaurant on the right before the 1st set of railroad tracks. Hours: 11:30am-11pm. Heaven opens for dinner 5-11pm. Telephone  042-551-5851 for both Zuccoto and  Heaven. B & K Marriott, Kyoko Bissell, 2010.


One Response to Zuccoto & Heaven

  1. The phone number listed for heaven should be 042-553-5851. It shows 551 on the write-up.

    Thanks. The site is looking great with tons of info.


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