Ramen Fukumi / Tatanmeni Fukumi

One of my favorite restaurants is located across the street from the Fussa Gate and is called  Fukumi’s for short. Here you will find delicious food at inexpensive prices. The kitchen is clean and you can watch your meal being prepared. The menu is not extensive but includes several types of homemade ramen, usually served with a lot of vegetables: regular, negi-ramen (leek), shio-ramen (salt), miso-ramen (bean paste), and tantanmen (spicy noodle). Scrumptious gyoza is available, as is staminadon (rice with vegetables, onions, and seaweed), chahan (fried rice) and gohan (white rice).  Prices range from ¥100 for a half-order of white rice to ¥800 for a set of ramen and a half-order of chahan. Coke and orange soda cost ¥150 and beer is ¥550. Customers are welcome to use the self-serve water cooler next to the door.
DIRECTIONS: There are three restaurants. The first is across the street from the base, on Route 16 between the Fussa and Supply Gates. The second is near the Fussa Post Office, and the third is on the town side of Fussa Train Station. To get to the closest one, turn right out the Supply Gate. Go about a 1/2 block and the restaurant is on the left-hand side. It is a two-story building with a porch and clearly visible hanging yellow lanterns. The building is located under the blue highway sign: “Omiya 41km and Kawagoe 27km.” Or, turn left out the Fussa Gate. Fukumi’s is two blocks past Cupid’s Florist on the right side. Hours: daily (including Japanese holidays) 11am-6am. Telephone:  042-553-9699. Karen Ozment, Kyoko Bissell, 2010

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