Nicola Pizza House

nicolas by kelly odonnellA nice Italian restaurant outside the Fussa Gate specializing in pizza, Nicola’s offers 50 combinations from cheese and tomato to anchovy and tomato. Prices range from ¥800-2400; ¥1,400 for Plain Regular (10.6” Gouda cheese and tomato sauce). Also available are minestrone soup (¥500) and salads (¥1,300 large antipasto). There are four dinner specials: steak (¥4,000-4,800), chicken (¥2,000), barbecued pork spare ribs (¥2,300) and sole (¥2000). Meat plates range from ¥1800-2000. The dinner menu may seem pricey, but it is reasonable for the amount of food served. The delicious manicotti, cannelloni and lasagna range from ¥l,500-l,800. The restaurant can seat approximately 80 people and has 16 parking spots in front. Most of the wait staff speaks English and the menus are in English with pictures too. Reservations for parties can be made by calling one week in advance and again on the day before the function.
DIRECTIONS: Turn left out the Fussa Gate. Nicola’s is halfway between the Fussa and Supply Gates, right before the second stoplight. It has a large red, white and green sign located in front. Hours: 11am-midnight. Closed New Year’s Day.  Telephone: 0425-51-0707. Website: Karen Ozment. Updated 2007, photo by Kelly O’Donnell, May 2013.


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  1. My husband and I went to this restaurant to check it out. It was a bad experience.T he service was bad and the food was a greasy mess. I love Italian food and was excited to try this place. I am a very open mined person and love trying new places to eat. We both got a salad and a pizza, the salad was traffic! Mixed greens that came with house made dressing but our pizzas were greasy, the cheese was not melted and crust was less than exceptional.

  2. Kelly O'Donnell

    I went there today for the first time and ordered the mushroom pizza. It had 4 different kinds of fresh mushrooms on it and it was delicious. (here is a photo) Mine wasn’t greasy at all so maybe they have someone new cooking? That’s all I ordered for lunch so I can’t comment on anything else. The decor is really dated. It’s like stepping back in time. It does it give a fun vintage vibe though. Rather than an Italian decor it feels more like an American piano bar from the 1960’s.

  3. My wife and five year old daughter went there yesterday. It was cold and rainy and the only place we could find open as we had to walk. Food was good and I agree on the decor. Amazed on how costly it was. The only real problem I had might have been a communication issue but when we first walked in, they met us by say no kids, we asked no kids and they said kid makes noise you leave. If we had not been cold and wet, I would have turned around.

  4. Hubby and I had supper at Nicola’s once. That was enough. The food was overpriced and merely average. I don’t mind funky decor, but I do mind dark and dingy. If you want Italian food, I recommend anyplace else! (For example, Zonavoce.)

  5. The irony is that family oriented Italian restaurant does not welcome families with young kids or babies. There’s a sign that says something like, “No preschool kids.. disturbs other guests..”, so if you have little kids, you’re not welcome. We walked in and walked out.

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