Aji no Mingei

This chain of noodle restaurants has one in Fussa. It is located on Yanagi Dori. Aji no Mingei noodles shops are definitely American friendly—they are located on a major street, have good-sized parking lots and picture menus. The restaurants are about the size and openness of an American Dennys. The decor is Japanese-Kyoto style with white stucco walls accented with touches of red, exposed wooden beams, and lanterns and hanging lights of bamboo and rice paper. The wide booths have tatami seats and will seat six. With a delightful dichotomy, a kimono-clad waitress will use a hand-held computer to take your order. The menu offers combinations of noodles (hot and cold), rice, soups, and tempura shrimp and vegetables. Prices range from ¥850 to ¥l,000. The food is enjoyable and popular among the Japanese.
DIRECTIONS: To reach Aji no Mingei (noodles), get on Yanagi Dori (the major road running past Seiyu) and stay on it. You will travel a fair distance and pass McDonalds and Dennys. The restaurant is on the left-hand side and diagonally across from the Mini Stop, convenience store. It is at the City Hall Intersection.. Brian Marriott, Diane C. Lyell, 2002. Updated Yasuko Katayama, 2012.

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