Tengu-no-taki Waterfall, Hinohara

photo 2If you find yourself in Hinohara Village, it’s worth checking out the Hossawa-no-taki Waterfall, an easy 15 minute hike. However, if you find that you want something a little more challenging, consider the Tengu-no-taki Waterfall hike. Just a quick drive from the Hossawa-no-taki Waterfall parking, the Tengu-no-taki Waterfall trailhead is easy to get to (if you don’t miss the turn), and there’s plenty of parking. The hike takes about an hour, one-way, and is mostly uphill. The first waterfall is only 5-10 minutes into the hike. This waterfall is really two falls, fairly close together. You can easily turn back, or keep hiking up. If you continue hiking, you will find the second waterfall. There are benches at the second waterfall for sitting and eating.

photo 5If you are still feeling great once you’ve reached the second waterfall, consider climbing higher to Tsuzura Rock. This is a giant rock outcropping that experienced rock climbers climb on. If you hike around the east side of the rock, you can actually climb/scramble to the top of the rock without a rope for some absolutely stunning views of Hinohara Village. (Please be extremely careful if you decide to do this). My husband and I went on a Sunday and found many rock climbers with their harnesses and rope. However, when I went on a Thursday, I was the only person there.

I recommend wearing hiking or running shoes. I’ve hiked the trail in both and was fine. Watch for slippery rocks and roots. There are a few very minor stream crossings, please be careful. And bring plenty of water. Consider getting a trail map of the area at the Hinohara Village Office, GPS: 35.726857, 139.148817. And happy hiking! Michelle Nexon, May 2014.

photo 2DIRECTIONS: To get there from the Hossawa-no-taki Waterfall parking lot, turn left (north) onto 205. Drive a couple of minutes until you see a small convenient store on the right, called Azumaya. Turn right, right after this store, GPS: 35.738151, 139.143497. Be very careful not to miss this turn, it’s a small road and looks almost like a driveway (I missed it the first time). Drive up this road until it dead ends at the trail head, GPS: 35.744315, 139.147239. If there is no room to park, drive back down a few hundred feet and consider parking at various places where the road widens. Please note that this is a VERY narrow road. When we were there on a Sunday, there were many cars parked.

Google Maps Pin to parking lot.  Walk down the hill from parking and take the wood chip trail on your right to the falls.

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  1. Emily Clemenson

    We tried going here today, but the trail was under construction (I think). About 0.5 km after the not-a-driveway turn, there was a rope blocking the road. I didn’t have service so I couldn’t Google Translate the sign (and didn’t think of taking a photo to translate later) but it seemed pretty clear they didn’t want people going beyond. Hopefully it’ll be back open by the time the weather warms up.

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