Jogasaki Coastline, Izu Peninsula

DSC08671This rugged and volcanic piece of coastline is a great backdrop for the Kadowaki Suspension Bridge, lighthouse, and hikes. The 75ft high and 157ft long bridge, stretching over the ocean, was a big draw for us. It is a 2 to 5 minute walk from the Kadowaki parking lot to the bridge and the lighthouse. Both attractions offer great photo opportunities. We didn’t do the coastal hike due to inclement weather, but according to the maps at the parking lot, the hike can be divided into two parts. The Jogasaki Picnical Course, approximately 3km one-way, and the Jogasaki Nature Study Course, approximately 6km one-way. Please check out the Izu Peninsula Geo Park Map.  If you want to do the Picnical Course, you can also park at Izu Shiki-no-hana parking lot. The Nature Study Course passes through various types of vegetation (including hydrangeas and cherry trees), past temples, through the Izu Oceanic Park, past waterfalls, and at least one other suspension bridge. I believe this hike is the more difficult of the two. Take appropriate shoes if you plan to do the hike or walk on the jagged rocks. There are no guardrails or fences in some places, so be prepared if you have small kids.

DSC08672The Izu Oceanic Park has a number of ‘natural’ rock pools for children and also a 50 meter swimming pool. In 2012, the park was open from 09:00-17:00, Mar.-Oct., and 09:00-16:00 the rest of the year. Admission was ¥500. However, this information may have changed. The hiking and bridges are open 24 hours, but the lighthouse is open from 09:00 to 16:00 most days. Kawadowaki Parking is ¥500, and there are other parking lots along the route that I believe are also fee-based. For more information, call the tourist hotline at 0557-32-17185.

While you are in the area, Omuroyama Volcano, which created this interesting coastline, is another place to consider visiting. Further down the coast is the iZoo and the Shimoda and Yumigahama Beaches. Linda Bell, July 2014.

IMG_2595DIRECTIONS: In good traffic, the Jogasaki Coastline is about a 3-hour drive from Yokota Air Base. During summer, this coastline area is very crowded so I’d suggest doing this trip during the week and/or outside of summer holidays. The GPS coordinates to Kawadowaki Parking parking lot are N34.89076 E139.13733 and the GPS coordinates for the at Izu Shiki-no-hana parking lot are N34.88603 E139.13203.

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