Moomin Park in Saitama

Park-3637Moomin Park is a fun and unique park just 20 minutes from Yokota’s terminal gate! We spent an afternoon at the park in late March and had a wonderful hanami under the sakura trees. The park’s structures were created as replicas of a popular Finnish childrens book & TV series called the “Moomin’s”. The Moomin’s look akin to hippopotamuses and have adventures in Moominvalley. Although I had never heard of the series before we went to the park, I will definitely be checking it out.

Park-3647There were several climbing structures, a large library (all books were in Japanese), a small bridge and babbling brook (perfect for wading) and best of all; a huge adobe three-story treehouse with plenty of places to hide and play. My children spent most of their time in the treehouse exploring the nooks and windows. There were surprises at every turn; perfect for little ones and big kids too. There is plenty of space to run around or have a picnic and bathrooms are located close by, next to a little store that sells Moomin merchandise. Entrance to the park is free, as is parking.

IMG_4491On our way out, we noticed a large playground just across the street from Moomin. We were pleasantly surprised to find several play areas, including a huge climbing structure that looked like a spiders web. The ground was covered in sand, making it a perfect place to bring sand toys. My son joined a sandcastle-making party and had a ball. This playground also had a large Moominparking lot (in case Moomin’s is full), restrooms and nice shady areas.  GPS: 35.830762, 139.344619.  Phone: 042-972-7711.  Address: 893-1 Azu, Hanno, Saitama Prefecture 357-0046, Japan.  Webpage:   Hours: 9:00AM – 5:00PM (closed on Mondays and Public Holidays). Emily Gyimah, June 2014. Photos by Emily Gyimah & Sarah Straus 2014.

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  1. To add on about the place across the street, we went today and there’s a water play area! Small, but our 1-3 year olds had a blast! At the top there is a fountain to climb on and then the water flows down a path to a little stream. There’s a bridge and what looked like more play grounds further. The water was ice cold, but felt amazing with how hot it was today!

  2. Jennifer Smith

    I just took my 2 year old and 4 year old this morning. The place was empty! We were the only ones at the entire place until around 12:30 when one other family showed up. My kids LOVED it! While the House gave me minor heart attacks with my sassy 2 year old wanting to climb all the stairs up to the VERY top of the house that have little railing, it was a BLAST! We will be returning, especially during the week!
    I used my Phones GPS with the above address and had no problems finding it!

  3. LOVED this place! So much fun for my 4 yr old. We spent 4 hours there and she could have spent much longer-and we didn’t even visit the awesome looking playground across the street. Perfect spot for a picnic lunch and some fun time outside.
    GPS coordinates were perfect-no issues finding it. Plenty of free parking, bathrooms up by the park, or inside the sports center.

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