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Allergic to cat cafes? Or want an up close and personal experience with an owl? Well here’s a place for you! Fukuro Sabo is an owl café out in a quiet residential area, about a 10 minute walk from Kokubunji […]

Owl Cafe 1Allergic to cat cafes? Or want an up close and personal experience with an owl? Well here’s a place for you! Fukuro Sabo is an owl café out in a quiet residential area, about a 10 minute walk from Kokubunji Station. They have no parking and recommend you come by train, however the drive to the area is about 40 mins.

No English was spoken here, but the two ladies who were working the day we visited were super nice and we muddled through with gestures and the little Japanese we had. For the minimum order of one soft drink or coffee (¥500), you are free to sit and observe the owls they have in a glassed in area. For those of you who are hungry, they have a pasta and drink set for ¥1200, and a few other items on the menu.

Owl Cafe 6When we were done with our pasta sets, it was time to go to the main event, selecting the owl we wanted to touch! They had a photo menu of the owls with various prices (300/500/700/1000), depending on the owl species, or you could go up to the enclosure and point out which one you’d like to see.

Once you choose your owl, the staff sits you down on the bench side of the table and puts out some towels in case of bird has an accident. You are given a heavy leather glove for the owl to perch on. You get a few minutes with the owl perched on your hand for you to pet, then they put a towel on your shoulder and move the owl up to hang out with you for a few minutes more. You’re allowed to take all the pictures you want, but no flash please! Of course these are wild animals so they can behave unpredictably, one owl in particular lost its grip on a glove and was flapping about frantically trying to regain its balance. If you have small children, please watch them carefully as the owls will nibble and potentially bite. It is recommended that small children watch from a distance.

Owl Cafe 5This is a non-smoking café, which has 3 tables of 4, and 3 barstool seats. No high chairs or changing tables, but the tables have bench seating on one side. A small umbrella stroller would fit in the shop but nothing bigger. On your way out you can buy some owl themed trinkets from a display of gifts they have. Key chains, bags and little owl statues galore!

Fukuro Sabo is cash only and has no parking. It is recommended that you arrive by train. Their hours are 11:00-17:00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and 11:00-19:00 on Saturday and Sunday. They are closed Tuesdays and Thursdays, please consult their schedule for off-normal closure dates. The phone number is 042-208-3400. Or check out their website Carmen, May 2014.

Owl Cafe 4DIRECTIONS: Follow this Google Pin. To get there from the station, head out the South Exit of Kokubunji Station, and walk down the road that is between a Mos Burger and a Matsuya beef bowl shop. Take the third small road on your left, you’ll walk past a post office on your left, continue straight and the road will go down a hill. Keep walking downhill, past the creek until you reach a T intersection, turn right and Fukuro Sabo will be on your right shortly.

7 thoughts on “Fukuro Sabo, Owl Cafe
  1. I took my family to the cafe this past weekend. Like many other restaurants in Japan, it is a very small seating area but you are pretty much up close and personal with the owls. They also have the large owls in the front and a harris hawk available for holding. The larger owls are actually calmer than the smaller ones but sometimes they like to try and fly off, so it is important to remain calm if this happens (their employees are right there ready to take the owl away if they get too excited). The cafe itself is decent and they have pretty good tapioca drinks and desserts (cakes and such). Overall, a cool experience and good food.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the review – I really want to visit it now!

    Just wondering if you needed to make any reservation before hand or is it okay to just show up on the day?

    thank you!


  3. thanks for people stop by at Fukuro Sabo 🙂
    We let you know that our menu em employee have changed little bit
    for people from Yokota base. We are looking forward to see you soooon!
    thank you.
    @Fukurou Sabo

  4. We just went Yesterday, Masa was great and spoke English and told us a lot about the owls. We just ordered a side and drink. For 2 of us we paid ¥3500 for food drinks and owls. It was a lot of fun and even better than I expected. Masa said they have a Facebook and Twitter, and that they change which owls are available each day. I would definitely recommend going, we left our small children at home.

  5. Had a wonderful time at the Owl Cafe today! The owners and staff were super friendly and spoke great conversational English. They were able to answer several questions about the owl’s personality, health, and daily care routines. We were immediately welcomed and were even given a free order of french fries on the house. They do offer food in addition to drinks. All food/drink must be consumed before the owls come out. The best part was, of course, seeing the owls and getting to spend some time with them. The owners were very encouraging and allowed us to spend as much time playing with the owls as we liked. They also brought us an encyclopedia of owls, with pages bookmarked on all the owls they had out so that we could learn more about these amazing creatures. In all, I bought a drink, played with one Barn Owl and bought a t-shirt for around 3600 yen. They have a nice little selection of owl themed trinkets and mementos to take home as souvenirs. I will definitely be visiting again and bringing friends and family!

  6. Went with children 5 and 1 yr old. 5 yr old was able to hold an owl without issue. The 1 yr old was able to pet it without incident. Decent food and drink. Great for family day. Also some workers speak english, and the menu is also in english. Staff was very nice and helpful.

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