Restaurant: Saizeriya

Saizeriya is a clean family-style sort of Italian restaurant with picture menus. It offers pizzas (small ¥380+), pastas (¥450+), risottos (¥480+), large salads (¥380+), and desserts (¥290+). This chain marks its locations with a green sign.

DIRECTIONS: The Espa branch of this chain is in a two-story gray concrete building on the far side of Espa from the parking lot in MoriTown mall. To get there, turn right out the East Gate and keep going straight. Just before the road narrows and makes a sharp turn to the left, you will turn right into the pay parking lot. Take a ticket from the machine; if you eat or buy over ¥2,000, parking is free for two hours. When you exit the lot, show the attendant your receipts. Hours? Telephone?

Jena Flowers, Teresa Negley, Directions updated: Brian Marriott 5/02

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