Akishima Restaurant: Aiya

Sounds like a great place, but I wish I knew more. Been there lately? What kinds of dishes do they serve? — Liz

This is the place for the TRUE Japanese food lover! There are many traditional dishes to suit every palate. Although very modern, the atmosphere and decor are typically Japanese. Upon entering, you are required to remove your shoes and place them in lockers. The lockers come with a large wooden key with Japanese numbers and alphabets. The menus are in Japanese. There are a few pictures that go along with their specialty dishes. I suggest that you go with someone who can read and speak the language on your first visit. The prices are quite reasonable, with most dishes within the ¥2,000 range. There are two Aiya restaurants near Yokota. One out of East Gate and one out of Fussa Gate

DIRECTIONS, Akishima Location: Turn right out of East Gate.  At the fifth light, Route 7, turn right.  You will continue on this road veering left and going through 4 lights.  You will pass Off House on your right.  At the fourth light you will turn left.  You will see the South end of base to your right.  After you turn left, you will follow this road through three lights and under an underpass.  You will  pass the Fish Onsen on your right and a Family Mart on your right.  After the underpass, you will come to a light where the road T’s.  Turn left. The  restaurant will be up a couple of blocks on your right.    You will see the tall, square blue sign with two Kanji on it for the restaurant.  It is just past a Ringer Hut. Hours? Telephone?

DIRECTIONS to the Hamura Location: This is on Yanagi Dori. To get there, go straight out the Fussa Gate and across one set of tracks. Go right at the “Y” intersection. Turn right at the second light and go straight for 15 lights. Look for the “Welcome” sign after passing McDonalds on the right. Jean Kuramoto, 1997.  Nina Carr verified 2007.

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