Hamazushi: Conveyor Belt Sushi

My husband and I discovered Hamazushi during one of our adventures to the MoriTown Mall. We were craving sushi, so we decided to give it a try. It was the perfect sushi fix, and we’ve been back many times. In fact, Hamazushi is a chain restaurant with many locations throughout Japan.

HamazushiYou can park in the parking lot outside the restaurant. Once you enter, make sure you get a ticket with a number to be seated. You can choose to sit at a table or the bar. There is a television screen in the waiting area. When your number is displayed on the screen, take your ticket to the register where you will be handed a second number. This number corresponds to your seat. Once you find your seat, you are ready to eat.

It’s a conveyor belt sushi bar, so you simply grab what looks appealing (as long as the plate is not elevated on a tray, these are special requests from other tables). If you are feeling brave, you may use the touch screen to order specific foods, however, it’s in Japanese. When the food is on its way, the touch screen will beep to let you know the sushi (on an elevated tray) is on the belt near your table. Choose from a variety of sushi, desserts, and sides. Most plates are ¥105. Water is self-serve. Or you can make green tea at your table. You can order beer and other beverages through the waiter. To summon a waiter, press the yellow button on the right side of the touch screen. When you are finished push the button. A waiter will come, count your plates, and give you a ticket. Take the ticket to the register to pay.

The restaurant is open daily from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. However, the last opportunity to be seated is at 10:30 pm. GPS 35.714612, 139.365307. Michelle Nexon, July 2013

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