Ramen Shops on Bar Row

Ramen noodles are a delicious and quick meal. They’re nothing like the dried kind you get in supermarkets. There are many ramen shops around Japan. The two closest ones to base are easy walks.

DIRECTIONS: the first one is on “Bar Row.” Go straight out Fussa Gate, bear left at “Y” intersection (1st light), take a right at next light. The restaurant is immediately to the left as you turn onto it. It has English menus and a wide variety of ramen soupflavors. To reach the second restaurant, continue down Bar Row and take a left at the next intersection. You will see another smaller ramen shop a couple buildings down on the right. Hours? Telephone? Name of shops? Brian & Kristen Marriott, date

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  1. The first ramen shop mentioned on Bar Row is called Poroharu and is run by a great couple, Kimiko and Taka-san. Very welcoming to Americans!

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