Yoshinoya “Beef Bowl”

In the mood for fast and cheap? Try Yoshinoya, the Japanese answer to fast food. It basically serves one dish, “gyudon,” translated as beef bowl. It is a hearty bowl of rice with thinly-sliced beef and onions. The regular size is only ¥280! It is served with complimentary tea. Sides such as miso soup, potato salad, and salad are also available. There are two close to base, but we think the best way to experience Yoshinoya is when you’re walking through Tokyo, hungry and looking for a quick bite to eat. Once you notice one of these orange and black signs, you will start seeing them all over Japan. The chain of restaurants is open 24 hours a day for a fast, tasty meal at all times of day or night.
DIRECTIONS: One of the nearest is south on Route 16 where it intersects with Route 29 (on the way to Hachioji Bypass). Set your odometer to zero and drive straight out the Fussa Gate. Cross the train tracks. At the first light (0.4km) bear left at the “Y” intersection. At the second light past the next set of tracks (Fussa City Office Intersection, 1.1km) turn left onto Shin Okutama Kaido. Continue straight until your odometer reads 4.2 km. Yoshinoya will be on your left, at the corner of Route 16 and Route 29. Hours? Telephone? Brian & Kristen Marriott 08/02

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