Unasen Tempura

Unasen, a Fussa eel and tempura restaurant, serves a wonderful, crisp, tempura dish of shrimp, pepper, eggplant, Japanese mushrooms, squid and fish. If you order a tempura set, you also get a good miso soup, rice and pickles. The decor is traditional with tatami mats, shoji window screens and walls of white pine. Although the menu is in Japanese, there is a window of plastic food for menu selection when your language skill has reached the limit. Unasen has three private rooms plus two booths in the front. Price on the tempura set is ¥l,500.
DIRECTIONS: Go straight out the Fussa Gate, bear left at the “Y” intersection, Honcho Dori. Go across the railroad tracks and through the first light (intersection of Ginza Dori). The restaurant is on the left, across from Jesse James. Hours: 11am-l0pm, six days a week, closed Saturdays. Telephone: 51-6465. Diane C. Lyell, 1992

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