Nepali Kitchen

nepali kitchen by Sarah strausSatisfy your taste for curry or tandori at this close-to-base restaurant. Lunch sets run from ¥800-1400 and include choices of vegetable, chicken, lentil, or mutton curries. Nan or rice as well as a small salad accompany most dishes. The garlic cheese nan is well-loved at Nepali Kitchen, as well as their lassi (yogurt) drinks. The dinner menu is more varied and includes samosas and other “snacks,” curries and tandoori. Dinner sets run ¥1780-1890. You can rent the entire restaurant for a party and they have a full bar available. In the entryway to the restaurant they sell South American wool sweaters, Indian saris, jewelry and other eclectic items. This is a small restaurant with no division of smoking and non-smoking areas. Hours: Open 7 days a week. Lunch: 11:30am-3pm; Dinner: 5-11pm. Telephone: 042-551-8300.
DIRECTIONS: Turn left out of the Fussa Gate (set odometer to zero). Stay in the left-hand lane and go straight. When the road forks and Highway 16 splits off, stay to the left and keep going straight. You will cross Highway 7 and at the next corner you will see a gravel/dirt parking lot on your left, just before a gas station (2.2 km from the Fussa Gate). You should park in one of the five or so spots in this lot. Then turn around and look across the street—you’ll see a white awning and green door both labeled “Nepali Kitchen.”  -confirmed by Sarah Straus, September 2013.

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