Ozawa Saki Brewery at Sawai

Editor’s note: Some visitors report there ARE tours in English. Regardless, it’s a lovely place to visit, right on the river.

Ozawa Brewery makes Sawanoi Sake. Sawanoi Sake is one of the best selling sakes made in the Kanto Plain. Family owned and operated for over 300 years, the Ozawa Brewery is located at the base of Mount Mitake on Ome Kaido in Ome. The brewery is just steps away from Sawai Station on the Ome line. Tours are provided (only in Japanese) from 11-4pm, Tuesday through Saturday. There is some literature available in English. Three restaurants are within walking distance and have gardens with outstanding views. Two of them serve meals and popular snacks at moderate prices. The third restaurant, Mamagoto-Ya serves an elegant Kyoto style dinner. GPS: 35.8054, 139.1937.  Also check out Ome River Walk and Mt. Mitake, both near here.

DIRECTIONS BY TRAIN: Take the Ome line to Okutama. Ome station is 5 stops from Fussa and Sawai station is 6 stops beyond Ome. Train takes about 45 minutes.
DIRECTIONS BY CAR: Turn right out of the Terminal Gate, heading north on Rt. 16. Go under the underpass, travel a few blocks and turn left onto Ome Kaido (McDonald’s and Bikkuri Donkey restaurant on the left) and follow it the whole way, 18km. Near Higashi-Ome station (8km) the road jogs to the left, and at 10km it jogs right. If you find that you end up on Okutama Kaido, continue in the same general direction (WNW) and the road will intersect with Kyu Ome Kaido. Turn left and continue, you are now back on Ome Kaido. The train station will be on your right, Tama River on the left and mountains straight ahead. The trip takes about 45 minutes one way. Phillury Platte. Directions updated 2011.

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  1. Sawai is on the side of a hill and there are beautiful walks along the river that you can take. We enjoy going there, having sake and a lunch, then walking up the river path to Mitake (one train stop beyond Sawai) and riding the train back home to Fussa. Makes for a nice day, especially if it’s sunny.
    If you go by train, you have to get off at Ome, cross the platform and transfer to a train that continues to Sawai. It’s still the Ome Line, but the first train ends at Ome and the next continues from that point. Once you get off at the train station at Sawai, it’s all downhill. (The walking, that is.) Basically, you head down to the river. The brewery shop is right on the river, so from the road you have to keep your eyes peeled for the actual brewery, or you will pass it. It’s OK though as they have a tunnel beneath the road that brings you back to the brewery from the shop.

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