Sato is modern Japanese restaurant with traditional aspects. It offers a variety of Japanese food to please everyone, from kids to sumo wrestlers. You can dine either in the booths (in the front of the restaurant) or in one of the many tatami mat rooms. For the latter, you exchange your shoes for slippers (placing your shoes in a provided locker, locked with a wooden key). The slippers are then worn everywhere except on the tatami mats themselves. Each room is equipped with one table which fits up to six comfortably, but the sliding doors can be opened to accommodate a larger party. The extensive menu is written in katakana, but the pictures make ordering easy. Samples include: three types of udon (Japanese noodles range from ¥380-580), sushi (¥480-880), sashimi (¥680), tempura set (¥680), tonkatsu (pork cutlet, ¥680), fried chicken (¥580), and mushroom hamburger (¥580). Side sets of rice, chawan mushi, miso soup, pickles (¥380), gyoza (6 pieces, ¥250) or edamame (soy beans, ¥180) are available to go along with entrees. Kid’s meals offer hamburgers, curry rice, or sushi (¥480). For those with a “yen” for what sumo wrestlers eat, the chanko nabe is a must. It is a high calorie, nutritious stew of pork, chicken, fish with carrots, bean curd, and onions simmered in a rich soy or sugar sauce (¥1680). Green tea is complimentary. Sake, whiskey, beer, and soda are ¥350-600, and separate desserts are ¥200-450. It’s a wonderful place for a couple or a squadron group.
DIRECTIONS: Turn left out of East Gate. Turn right at the first light. At the second light (T-intersection) turn left. Go past Diamond City Mall. The restaurant will be through 5 lights on the left at the Shin Ome Kaido intersection.

Hours: 11am – 12:30 am. Telephone: 0425-53-6060
Nina Carr,  2007

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