Ome River Walk, Near Mt. Mitake

Ome River Walk by Sarah StrausThis a beautiful place to walk along the river, near the base of Mt. Mitake in Ome.  You can get here by train (see Suwai entry) but we’ve found a handy free parking lot. The river is large and energetic, crashing across the rocks. Connected by several pedestrian bridges, a paved trail runs along both sides of the river. The trail crosses a dozen small streams that flow into the river and on the south side these streams create petite but gorgeous waterfalls. You can find, here and there, smaller eddies that are relatively safe to wade in. Parts of the path cut through tall evergreens, reminiscent of the Redwoods and undergrowth Ome River Walk by Sarah Strausin Northern California. (Note for parents: Though paved, the path is not stroller-friendly.) On our excursion we saw people rafting down the river and others fishing with long poles. It’s not unusual to see kayakers practicing their rolls. When you descend from the parking lot you’ll see a pedestrian cable bridge. Cross it and you’ll find, on the left, a fabulous little spot to eat and drink! Order noodles and sake or beer from the booths and sit in a garden setting, overlooking the river. There is also ice cream for the kids and as always, fabulous public bathrooms with heated seats and a place to change diapers. GPS for parking lot: 35.80278, 139.19489. Tel. for Sawanoi Museum just before parking lot entrance: 0428-77-7051.
Ome River Walk by Sarah StrausDIRECTIONS: Set your odometer to zero as you head straight out Fussa Gate. Stay left at the “Y.” Turn right at the “Fussa City Office” intersection (1.1km, city hall on the left, post office on the right). This puts you on Route 29, Shin Okutama Kaido. At 5.6km (Jonathon’s on the near left corner, Family Steak House on the far left) turn left onto 249 and cross the river. When 249 ends, stay right to continue on 411. At 10.9km, in Ome, Route 411 will turn right and go back across the river. Don’t take this right turn! Instead, stay straight as the road number changes to 45. At 17.5km, a free parking lot will appear on your right. (It comes up quick, but the right lane of the road is paved a rusty red color just before the entrance.) The parking lot entrance is marked with a small white sign with a blue “P” on top and underneath it a symbol for handicapped bathroom. Parking is free at this parking lot. Once parked, head toward the bathrooms and then down the steep road to the river. Cross the pedestrian bridge to find both the trail and the outdoor eatery mentioned above.  Also see Ozawa Saki Brewery Entry.
TRAIN DIRECTIONS: You can take the train to Sawai station and walk down to the river. Looking at google maps, I think one could get off at Mitake station also and find the trail at the river. If someone has done this, let us know! Alexandra Winkler & Sarah Straus, 2012

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  1. I recently discovered your “yokotatravelblog” which I very much enjoy reading!
    I was stationed at Yokota from 1969-1974. I left the Air Force but continued to live in Japan until 1982. My home at the time was in Higashi Yamato. I graduated from Sophia University (Ichigaya Campus) in 1977. My last trip to Japan was in 2014 and I stayed 60 days. I rented an apartment in Kodaira City on the Seibu Shinjuku line.
    I really miss Japan!

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