Black Pork Restaurant and Grocery

This cute little family run restaurant serves up some awesome tonkatsu (breaded fried pork) sets andsoba/udon sets to many city workers during the week (City Hall is just around the corner) and starving families on the weekends. Open for lunch and dinner. They make their own noodles there.   After lunch, go through the swinging doors to their attached grocery store which serves up just made tempura, bento boxes and homemade Mochi. They also have produce and fresh meats on hand. 
TIP: I learned the hard way that you have to come as close to 11:30 (when they open for lunch) as possible when coming for lunch. The city workers around the corner pack the place at noon.
TIP 2: If you have babies, they will suggest you sit in the room with the Chabudais (low dining tables) and tatami mats. This room fills up with smokers so position yourself near one of the windows and you’re golden.
TIP 3: This is NOT a Non-Smoking restaurant. Please keep that in mind when you try and find a place to sit (provided you have a choice when you get there).
TIP 4: Since all items are not pre-made (this isn’t Burger King), it does take at least 20-25 minutes for your food to be prepared. Well worth it, in my opinion. GPS: 35.75567, 139.38652.  Anna Schmoldt, 2012.
DIRECTIONS: Set your odometer to zero as you exit the East Gate and turn left. Turn right at the first light (0.2km) by the 7-11. Continue straight down this narrow road to the four-way intersection  at 1.3km. Turn left here, onto a major road, which is marked 59 on maps. Keep driving, past the Aeon Mall on your right and across Shin Ome Kaido (sometimes called Route 5) until about 3km. When you get to Ome Kaido, signposted Route 5, turn right. Black Pork is about 50 meters down, on the left. It has a brown wood facade, which is nearly obscured by a tree. We’re not sure of the phone number, but the number of the business immediately to the left of the restaurant is 042-561-1631.

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  1. We tried this place today and the tonkatsu was GREAT! Most important thing to add is that they do not have an English menu, and their menu does not include pictures. We got by, and the lady asked what we wanted & it worked out, but she didn’t speak English, so it may be difficult for some.
    Definitely worth a try though.

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