Indoor Play Zone in Hamura

This three-story Indoor Play Zone (Hamura Community Center) is close, free and fun. It makes for a great escape on rainy or too-hot days. Enter on the street side of the building, put your shoes on the shelves to the right and head to the section of your choosing. (Shoes and sandals must be removed, so you might want to bring socks for children in summer.)  There is an information desk on the left where you can practice your Japanese language skills.  The first floor is where they seem to have community crafts and classes.  Head up the stairs to the second floor. On the right you will find a nice toddler area with toys – great for kids ages 0 to 2.  When we were there on a weekday, there were plenty of nice Japanese moms and kids meeting in spontaneous playgroups.  Also, on the second floor is a large basketball court with bouncy balls.  Most fun, though, is the rope jungle hovering above the basketball court.  Climb the staircase and enter through the dragon’s mouth.  From the basketball court, there is also an entrance for an outdoor rope obstacle that was closed off when we visited. Maybe it’s open on weekends.  As well, on the block behind the center (to the west) there is a large park and playground with big trees.  We didn’t find any official parking and street parking was hard to locate too.  If anyone finds a good place to park, please post it here.  We did find a fairly empty parking lot close-by, but were unsure if we were allowed to park there as we couldn’t read the Japanese signs.  Play Zone hours: 9-5pm. It might be closed one day of the week. (Maybe someone more skilled at Japanese could let us know.) GPS: 35.76036,139.3285. Alexandra Winkler and Sarah Straus, 2012.
DIRECTIONS: Exit the Terminal Gate and turn right on Route 16. Continue under the underpass and turn left at the first light after the underpass (1.8km). This is Route 163. Continue past the intersection named Hamura Zoological Park and turn left onto a narrow road just after the used car lot (1.2km).  The gray building will be on your right.

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4 Responses to Indoor Play Zone in Hamura

  1. these directions are bad, lol i have tryed to find it several times!!

    • Good call. When Alex and I updated this entry, we neglected to follow the written directions. I usually just go by GPS coordinates. Using google maps, I’ve updated the directions. I hope it helps. Please let me know if you try it again and still can’t find it. – Sarah

  2. They are open Mon-Fri, but closed on Thursday. They open from 9:30-12:00 then again from 1300-1600. There is parking on the side of the building. It is extremely small and limited space and hard to miss as it looks like an open space that is part of the building. Recommend carpooling if going with others.

  3. We tried this today and enjoyed it. My 4 year old enjoyed the playroom, although I’d say it’s aimed a little younger. The basketball court had balls to play with, space to run around, and a fun light game on one wall. the climbing nets are up by the ceiling, so very high. It was a little too scary for my daughter, but many other children her age were up there. I’d say best for 5yrs +.
    Definitely worth a visit on a hot or rainy day.
    There is a small shady park right behind the community center too.

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