Hamura Zoo

The Hamura Zoological Park is a “starter zoo,”: A good place to go when you’re still nervous about driving or otherwise not ready to tackle bigger better zoos like Tama Zoo or Ueno. But small children, especially, will be satisfied with the collection of mammals and birds. The stated goal of the zoo is “to nurture affection for nature by introducing children to animals.” Some animals you may see are: lynx, red fox, porcupine, raccoon, wolf, lemur, prairie dog, wallaby, giraffe, zebra, emu, jackal, coati, macaws, penguin and beaver. In addition, peacocks, swans, and ducks roam the grounds of this park.  There is a petting zoo to the left of the entrance where kids can hold chicks and guinea pigs.  In the center of the zoo you will find a pond with flamingos. There is also a large picnic and playground area where there are a number of interesting toys, including stone zoo animals and dinosaurs, and a full size original steam engine on which children can play. In the spring the zoo is especially lovely under the cherry blossoms and flowers.  You may bring a lunch into the park or purchase something at the store next to the European garden. In most cases, signs on the cages provide animal names in English in addition to Japanese. Only 15 minutes from Yokota, the Hamura Zoo is free for children 3 years and under, ¥50 for ages 4-15, and ¥300/ adult. This website is is Japanese but if you run it through Google Translate you’ll get the gist of it: www.t-net.ne.jp/~hamura-z.  GPS Coordinates to entrance: 35.765944, 139.328664.  GPS coordinates to parking: 35.767129,139.33078.  – Photos by Sarah Straus 2012 and Kelly O’Donnell 2013.

March through October 9am-4:30pm (admission until 4pm).
November through February 9am-4pm (admission until 3:30 pm)
Closed Mondays.  Telephone: 042-579-4041.

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