Tokyo Gas Museum

This museum is about 30 minutes from Yokota and is perfect for an outing on a cold or rainy day. The museum traces the use of gas as a source of power, heat and light from the 1870’s to present day. The information is shown through videos, interactive displays and exhibits of actual items. Although nearly all in Japanese, there are enough English subtitles to describe what you are seeing. To tour the museum, plan for one hour, as it is two separate buildings. The second floor of one of the museum has a collection of wood block prints. You’ll see such things as gas street lamps, early consumer uses of toasters, irons, rice cookers, water heaters, the gas range used at the Imperial Palace during the Meiji period and a gas driven church organ. There is a small outdoor area to enjoy a picnic. Admission is free.

DIRECTIONS: Turn left out the East Gate. At the first light, go right. Turn left when the road dead ends (second traffic signal). Stay on this road until it dead ends into Shin Ome Kaido at Honmachi 1 Intersection (you will go through two traffic lights and pass the big Yamada discount store on the left). At Shin Ome Kaido there will be a Mos Burger on the left and a used car dealer, turn right onto Shin Ome Kaido. About 6.5 km down Shin Ome Kaido you will go over an overpass, keep going and cross Fuchu Kaido Road. About 8 km down Shin Ome Kaido Road, you will go over a second overpass. Start watching closely at this point. At about 11km you will come to the museum. The sign is fairly easy to read and is in English. The museum complex is a group of red brick buildings surrounded by a red brick and cast-iron fence. You may park in the gravel lot surrounded by the brick and cast iron wall. (Note: You will cross Yanagi Kubo Intersection 0.9 km before the museum. Onumacho 2 Intersection is 0.4 Km from the museum. The TakiyamaMinumi Intersection is the first light PAST the museum—if you get this far, turn around and go back.) Hours: 10am-5pm. Closed Wednesdays. Delores Street, Directions updated Brian Marriott 11/01

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  1. The Gas Museum is located in the city of Kodaira. It is roughly 10 miles from Yokota. The closest train station would be Kodaira Station. The phone number is 81 42-342-1715.

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