A Taste of Mexico in Kokobunji

Viva Japanesque, Restaurante Mexicano Colima Style
Located less than 300 meters (a 5-minute walk) from the South Exit of Kokubunji Station, this small restaurant serves up delicious Mexican cuisine prepared with imported ingredients from Mexico. The owner lived in Dallas, Texas for many years, speaks fluent English and is willing to suggest and explain food choices. An English menu is available. Servings are ample enough to share and prices are reasonable. A dinner set of four dishes including a few nachos, spicy chicken soup, an enchilada in mole sauce (Mexican chocolate sauce including cinnamon and chiles) and one soft taco costs ¥2,000. Group reservations are accepted. GPS: 35.6996, 139.4775
TRAIN DIRECTIONS: Take the train from Fussa to Kokubunji. Leave Kokubunji Station by the south exit. Immediately turn right and proceed along the sidewalk next to the Marui department store (logo looks like “OIOI”), past the parking garage and a big apartment complex, until you arrive at a “T” intersection. Note: there are no restaurants on this road. Viva Japanesque will be located across the street in front of you. The building in blue tile, and the restaurant is decorated with several brightly illuminated signs, which makes it easy to spot. Hours: 11:30am-2pm lunch; 5-10pm weekdays and 2-10pm weekends; closed Tuesdays. Telephone: 042-324-1746. Teresa Negley, Aggie Pabst, 2006. Directions updated 2012

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