Tama Lake trail to Sayama Dam

There is a beautiful running/biking trail around Tama Lake as well as a nice park near Sayama Dam.  I love running here because it is off the road, there are lots of trees and shade, it is safe and well used.  Also, every two miles there is something really interesting to look at including two beautiful pedestrian bridges, Sayama Dam and park, sculptures, a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, Seibu Dome and a temple. GPS coordinates for free parking next to the dam and Sayama Park: 35.75963, 139.43951.  Bring your kids and their bikes for a nice ride over the dam or just enjoy Sayama Park.
Directions from Noyama Kita Parking:   For a 7-mile loop run, park at Noyama Kita GPS: 35.76355,139.38615.  Go back to the main road (59 which turns into 55) and head left up the hill.  Cross the street when you can.  The loop trail starts 1/2 mile up the road on your right.  Remember this spot because you will exit here when you come all the way around Tama Lake.  I usually turn right onto the trail.  At apx. 2 miles be sure to go over the red pedestrian bridge.  At approximately 4 miles turn left over the dam.  Turn left at the end of the dam and pick up the trail again with the Seibuen roller coaster on your right across the street.  Continue along the path and pass Seibu Dome and cross one cable bridge on the way back. Directions from the East Gate – Biking/Running: Go left out of the East Gate.  When the road dead ends into a bigger road, turn right and then a quick left at the light onto 162. Take 162 across the river and all the way across Route 5.  At the first light after Route 5 there is a walking/biking path with a beetle emblem on the bollards.  Turn right onto this path.  This path will take you to 55.  Turn left onto 55 where the pedestrian path goes through a long tunnel (or go straight through the series of tunnels for an interesting bike ride!).  Head up 55 until you find the trail head on the right.  See above for directions around the lake. (Sarah Straus, October 2012)

View from Sayama Dam






Sayama Park and Dam Map

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  1. I was with someone today who did this running trail around Tama Lake with a double BOB running stroller! It fit all the way through.

  2. I did this run for the second time today. I love it! Thanks for the great directions, Sarah.

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