Fussa Roller Slide Park

This is a small roller slide park, great for an hour of play just outside the supply gate.  There is a play structure leading up to two roller slides.  Tall cherry trees provide shade.  Above the slides there is a nice place to sit and eat a snack. There are bathrooms.  GPS 35.73433, 139.33611.
Directions: One option is to park on base at the supply gate and walk.  The park is just 600 meters from the gate with sidewalks on either side of the street.  Head straight out the Supply gate onto 7.  Continue across the train tracks and turn right just after the blue pedestrian bridge.  The park will be on your right.  If you drive, follow the same directions as above.  I’ve seen people park along the street in front of the park, however, for parking information see the comments below. -Sarah Straus, October 2012, updated Dec 2013.  Looking for another playground in Fussa?  Try Fussa Playground.

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  1. We went on Saturday morning and didn’t want to park on the street since no one else was parked there. We found a free lot just 50meters away at the Fussa Library. Instead of taking a right past the railway track after the blue pedestrian bridge we went left. Follow the road around and the library entrance is there on the left. From the library fish pond you can cut out onto the road to walk to the playground. On our way back to the car we took the wooded path (between the railroad and the footbridge) and found a teahouse next to the library.

  2. There is no parking on the street (unless you want to chance a ticket) and parking in the fenced in area by the baseball field is for baseball practice only. I park in the blue parking garage just outside the supply gate. Parking there is free. It still is a little walk down to the park, but it’s not that far.

  3. The park is currently closed for construction. We went on Sunday 3/22/15 and it was closed.

  4. This is a fun little nearby park. We will have to look for the tea house near the library.

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