Saiko Bat Cave

You won’t see any bats here, but there is a pretty good sized cave to explore. We went through with three kids 7, 5 and 18 months, and they got through okay. There is a whole area where the cave ceiling is three feet tall, so you have to do some serious crouching or it is possible to go around this part if you’d rather. The cave is lit and paths are well-defined, so we felt safe letting our kids explore. It was a little muddy, but boots are available upon request, and hard-hats are provided and mandatory. My 18-month-old was in a carrier, but she probably could have walked around if I’d let her.  They didn’t have a helmet to fit her, so if you have a child under 3 you may want to take a bike helmet just in case.  Our 7 and 5-year-old stayed pretty clean, but a little one would likely come out covered in mud, so consider bringing a change of clothes.  There is an easy nature walk through the woods to get to the cave, where you can see some smaller cave formations and tons of volcanic rock, lichens, mushrooms, and other marvels of nature. There is a little information display with lots of old batman posters and some local information about bats (all in Japanese.) There was also a poster of all the children’s books about bats, so the kids enjoyed finding some they knew on there. We did this side-trip on a day trip to Fuji, and it took about an hour for the whole stop. Entrance was ¥300 for adults, ¥150 for kids and free for kids 5 and under.  Note: Also see Shelley’s review of Canady Restaurant just 2.4 kilometers away.  GPS 35.49422, 138.67154. -Shelley, October 2012.




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Crab-walking in the tunnel, Shelley, 2012







Bat information gallery, Shelley, 2012

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  1. While you’ll more than likely not to see any bats, there are bats deep inside the cave in a non-accesible part. There is a sign in Japanese that asks people to be quiet for the bats. We were unaware of this, and were luckily informed by some nice Japanese people.

  2. This may be closed for part of the winter. We tried to go in January and were told that it re-opens March 20.

  3. We did this today & enjoyed it. It’s very close to Camp Koyodai, where we were staying. Nice trail through the woods to get to the cave. Cave was small and didn’t take long but was enjoyable. Be prepared to get dirty-crawling/very low crouching in parts.
    Our 4yr old really enjoyed it.

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