Canady Restaurant

View of the back of Canady Restaurant, Shelley, 2012

Canady Restaurant, near Mt. Fuji, a thatched roof settlement and Saiko Bat Cave, has a great area for kids and dogs.  It has a very simple menu with pictures. They had about five choices: curry rice, beef with onions, udon with vegetables, and a couple other things. Lunch sets were around ¥1500, and single dishes were ¥600 – ¥800. Food was good, but the best parts were outside the restaurant. There was a sprawling grassy lawn where kids and dogs were welcome to play. Thatched-roof buildings with flower boxes and mountain ranges in the background make it a great spot for pictures. In front of the restaurant there was an area with bird feeders where you could see colorful native birds. For about ¥100 you can purchase bird seed and entice them to eat from your hand. GPS 35.49865, 138.65353. -Shelley, October 2012.
Directions from Saiko Bat Cave to Canady Restaurant.  Turn left out of the parking lot at Saiko Bat Cave Information Center.  At 1.4 kilometers turn left onto 21.  Drive 1 kilometer and the restaurant is just off the road on the left.

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View from Canady Restaurant, Shelley, 2012








Fuji-2258Comments Sarah Straus, Jan 2014: We went in January and found these strange ice sculptures in the large yard area in front of Canady Restaurant.  We went on a Saturday and enjoyed playing in the snow and a little festival with food vendors and drummers.  The curry and noodles at Canady Restaurant were delicious.

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