Ome Museums

Ome Railroad Museum: See separate entry.

 Ome Municipal Museum & Ome Art Museum
A pleasant afternoon can be spent in Ome visiting the Ome Art Museum and the Ome Municipal Museum. When we visited, the Ome Art Museum had a small display of pieces in a variety of style from ink to watercolor, mostly from the 1930’s through the present. On the first floor was a room with artwork done by school children in a nearby park. It costs ¥200, and is closed Mondays. After going to the art museum, we walked across the Tama River, through a wooded park beside the river, and visited the Ome Municipal Museum. Everything is in Japanese, but you can look at a variety of artifacts from arrowheads to farming equipment. They have a 250 year old farmhouse that you can go inside and look at the way people lived. This museum is free.
TRAIN DIRECTIONS: Take the Ome line from the Fussa Station away from Tokyo and get off at Ome (14 minutes). Walk straight out of the station to the first light (“Ome Sta” intersection) an turn right. Go to the second light (411, Ome Shinimkaika Int) and turn left. At the next light (Ome Civic Hall S. intersection), cross the street and turn left onto Ome Kaido Road. The art museum is a two story white brick building a short way down on the right. The name is in kanji (above) on the wall. After going to the art museum, go back to Ome Civic Hall S. intersection and turn left (away from the station.) The first small street past the next light takes a very sharp turn down a hill. Go down the hill to a parking lot. Cross the pedestrian path over the river. Wander downstream and you will see the Ome Municipal museum short way past the next pedestrian bridge.
DRIVING DIRECTONS: At the Terminal Gate, set your odometer to zero and turn right and go under the overpass. Turn left onto Ome Kaido Ave, (Hakonegasakinishi Intersection, the 4th light after the underpass, appx 2.8 km from Terminal Gate. McDonalds is on far left corner.) You will wind along Ome Kaido all the way to the lake. At 8.3km, take the left fork at the “Y” intersection. Follow the signs for Okutama. Just before 10.6 km you will pass the Ome Art Museum on the left. At 10.6km, the road ends (Ome Civic Hall S. intersection). Turn left. At the first tiny street past the next light take a very sharp (almost u-turn) left, down a hill, there is a free parking lot at the bottom of the hill along the river. From here you can walk to both museums.

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  1. Shiofune Kannon-ji is a female Buddha temple. The azalea display in spring is stunning. The grounds are set in a 270 degree bowl with the azaleas of different colors on the slopes. Google map coordinates for the closest parking lot: 35.802831,139.283132

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