Ofukuroya – a.k.a the Japanese Chow Hall

This one is actually ON base. The restaurant, in Building 994 near the Supply Gate, is popular among Yokota residents as well as on-base Japanese workers. Since seats may be difficult to find during peak lunch time hours (11:45am-12:15pm), you may want to go early or late. A wide variety of Japanese dishes including yakisoba, chahan (fried rice), curry rice, katsudon, oyakodon, gyoza, miso soup and every kind of noodle you could imagine are offered. The two daily lunch specials include a main dish, rice, miso soup and pickles. A large selection of drinks (sodas, teas, juices) as well as free self-service Japanese tea and water are available. Smoking is allowed in the room, so the atmosphere is not always appetizing. Prices are reasonable, ranging from ¥400-1000, with specials averaging ¥550. (Dollars are accepted as well as yen.) Employees or those with SOFA IDs get 10% off when an ID is shown.

DIRECTIONS: Look for the building in the parking lot just to the left of the Supply Gate (when exiting or driving toward the high school or vet). Hours: 10:30am-2pm lunch, 4-6pm dinner Monday-Friday; 10:30am-2pm Saturdays. Telephone: 225-8073

Viki Lyn Paulson-Cody, Teresa Negley, and Alexis Roberts 01/07

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