Mt. Hinodeyama Hiking Trail

Hinode 5Hinode 4Located near Hinode Town, and the Shiroiwa-no-taki Waterfall, the Mt Hinode trailhead is easy to get to from Yokota Air Base. Mt Hinode’s altitude is 902 meters, and can be climbed in less than a day. On the way up, expect to see multiple rock formations and tall evergreen trees. Depending on the time of year, various flowers may be blooming. I climbed the mountain in April and saw a variety of Azalea and Japanese Yellow Rose, which bloom in April and May. At the top of the mountain there is a lovely wooden gazebo with amazing views of the Kanto Plains and Chichibu mountains. A great location for a picnic. There are also rugged bathrooms southwest and near the summit.


The climb is rocky and there are tree roots to watch for. I recommend wearing tennis shoes or hiking boots. I also recommend bringing your own water. It takes approximately one hour and thirty minutes to climb.

Hinode 1To get to the trailhead, park at the Tsurutsuru Hot Springs parking lot, there is parking alongside the road.  The parking is located at GPS 35.7784196, 139.1927258 (please refer to the first map below). From here, walk down the road, in the direction you came from, and take the first right down a small road. You will walk past some old rugged log houses, a place that Google Maps calls Wildwood. Walk approximately 11 minutes until you cross a bridge, near GPS 35.7793232, 139.1840214 (please refer to the second map below). On the right, you will see a trailhead. Take this trail and follow the signs to the top of Mt Hinode. I’ve included a picture in this post that shows a sign in Japanese. Pointing left, the sign reads Mt Hinode. Follow these signs to the top of the mountain. Pointing right, the sign reads Tsurutsuru.  On your way down, follow the signs pointing towards Tsurutsuru Hot Springs. When you are finished with your hike, consider relaxing in the popular Tsurutsuru Hot Springs. By Michelle Nexon, April 2014.

Hinode 2








To get to the Tsurutsuru Hot Springs parking lot, alongside the road (driving):

To get to the trailhead from the Tsurutsuru Hot Springs parking lot (walking):

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