Lavender Fields on Lake Kawaguchi

20160629_132108 The Kawaguchiko Herb Festival takes place in mid-June through early July. You get to see a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi and lavender fields especially on a sunny day. Be prepared for mud since it blooms during the rainy season. The lavender fields are located on Kawaguchi Lake. There are small flower parks, Yagizaki Park and Oishi Park. Admission to the parks is free. It was a nice walk along the lake with a few small restaurants.

20160629_131914 There is parking right in front of the shopping area in Yagizaki Park and it’s free to park. There were a lot of shops and fresh produce in Kawaguchi Natural Living Center in Oishi Park. If you would like to make the trip a full day, there are several other things to do around the area. For example, in Music Box Forest there is a music box from the Titanic on display. We didn’t go there, but the admission is Y1500 for adults. The drive was about 90 minutes. – Kathryn Flint, June 2016

Kawaguchiko Herb Festival 2016: June 17th to July 10th (Oishi Park is until July 18th) 9am to 6pm at Yagizaki Park and Oishi Park
Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center:
Yagizaki park festival map:
Kawaguchiko Music Box Forest:
Yagizaki Park

Oishi Park

Kawaguchiko Music Forest

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  1. We went to Oishi Park on Saturday, July 21st, some lavender was still blooming, however the other towers and plants were also amazing, including the wall of flowers! And the views of Fuji in the background with colorful flowers in the foreground and Lake Kawaguchiko in the middle were stunning. Best of all it was free and they had blueberry bushes and blueberry soft serve cones with Fuji cookies for sale!

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