This supermarket is located near the Higashi Fussa Station. It’s your closest choice for off-base groceries if you live on the North or West sides. Marufuji has a large selection of fresh vegetables and a big parking area. There is also a small McDonald’s, dry cleaners, and an Italian cafe in the building. Open 10-10pm, sometimes closed on third Mondays. Tel. 042-530-1551
DIRECTIONS: Turn right out the Fussa Gate, then left at the second light (Higashi Fussa Nishi, by Ushihama Garage). (If you exit the Terminal Gate, turn left, then turn right at the first light.) Cross the tracks and turn left at the first light (Higashi Fussa Station North), then into the parking lot. – updated Sarah Straus, May 2013.
Comments by Alison Hackbarth, March 2013 – There are discounted prices on produce on Saturday mornings outside the doors starting at 9AM.

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  1. Adorable peaceful place to shop!!! And it actually opens at 9am!!! Yay for the extra hour.

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