This is a unique (kappo ryori) establishment where the chef’s specialty is fresh seafood (including raw). Cooked meat (beef and pork) or vegetables are also available by advance request for meal partners. Meals may run ¥ 5,000 or more. Discuss budget when making reservations. The specifics are up to the chef and depend on ingredients available. 5% tax applied. Beer costs ¥700 and sake ¥1,000.
DIRECTIONS: Drive out Fussa Gate, stay right at the “Y” and turn right on Yanagi Dori past the Seiyu. Stay on it for about 3.7km, past KFC and McDonald’s. Turn left at the second light after Denny’s. Turn right into the parking lot before the tracks, and park on the right hand side in spaces marked かつら. The reservations-only restaurant is across the street in a narrow two-story building. 042-555-5900, 1-1-3 Midorigaoka, Hamura. GPS: 35.723381,139.296684 . Teresa Negley 2010

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