Kappa Sushi

*This place had a renovation and its system got changed. There is no longer an English menu and the model bullet train that delivers your order.  
Kappa Sushi is a chain, conveyor belt sushi restaurant that is fun and kid-friendly. There is booth seating along the conveyor belt but you can also order using a touch screen menu at each table. Orders are brought out by a model bullet train. The menu includes sushi and sashimi of course, but also udon, juice boxes, french fries and a variety of desserts. Most plates cost ¥105. There is ample parking in the back. I went for lunch on a Wednesday and it was busy but not crowded. I saw lots of small kids and nobody seemed to mind the squeals of delight coming from my 2-year-old as she watched the bullet train deliver her Hello Kitty juice box. The location I went to is on Highway 5 heading toward Ome. Its a few blocks before Kasi Kosh (aka the Pink Box, a fun second-hand store) and on the same side of the street. GPS: 35.78522, 139.31084. www.kappa-create.co.jp/en/.

DIRECTIONS: Exit Fussa gate and turn right onto Rt. 16. Stay straight to take the underpass, then turn left onto Rt. 5, toward Ome. The restaurant is on your right, before road 181. Address: 7-1-7 Shinmachi Oume-shi, Tōkyō-to, Japan. Phone: 0428-30-1036.  Hours: 10am-11pm daily-Sarah Straus, 2012.

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