Kama-age Udon

It’s all about the noodle at this counter-service restaurant. Kama-age (prounounced “Kamma-Ah-gay”) is a relaxed place that would be easy to bring a large family to and comfortable enough to visit on your own. They make the noodles right at the counter. Steam typically fogs the front windows, creating a cozy atmosphere despite the large size of the restaurant. As you’re deciding what to order, watch the ladies expertly stretch and cut the noodles, then dry them with what sounds like a hair dryer. Pictures of various dishes are posted on signs overhead, in front of the noodlemakers’ area. We gazed up at these signs for a long time before one of the ladies motioned toward another menu posted at on an  eye-level placard facing the counter, enabling us to order by pointing. I pointed to a picture of noodles swimming in some kind of brown sauce. “Curry?” she says. Great! That’s what I ordered. My husband, instead of pointing, read one of the English labels on the overhead signs. We didn’t know what the word meant, but he was happy with the dish he got.
Once you have your bowl, push your tray down the line and contemplate the self-serve tempura. We selected eggplant, shrimp and a large onion ball. The cost for two “small” (they were actually quite big) bowls and 3-4 tempura pieces was a mere ¥1000. Green tea and water were free but we didn’t notice any other beverage offerings. Next time, we plan to check out the jug of sauce in the seating area that other customers were ladling over their dishes. The seating area was vast, with long tables that would seat eight and other seats intended for singles. The restaurant is an easy walk or bike ride, especially from the Terminal/West gates. It also has a substantial parking lot in back.
DIRECTIONS: This restaurant is on Shin-Okutama Kaido, a mile from the Fussa Gate. Exit straight out the Fussa Gate (0km), stay left at the “Y” and cross two sets of train tracks until you reach the intersection with ShinOkutama Kaido (1.1km). The Fussa Post Office will be on the far right corner. Turn right on ShinOkutama Kaido. Go about half a kilometer, through one traffic light.  The restaurant (1.6km) is on the right, between a restaurant called Skylark and a fire station.  11am-10pm. GPS: 35.743581, 139.324665.

From Fussa Gate:
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  1. This is my husband’s favorite place.

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